Carpe Diem Farm

Judges Comments

LISTO: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Judge: Sandra Davis

“Fantastic technical performance! Wonderful unique moves” 9.7
“Perfect costume/music/choreography fit” perfect score! 10.0

Judge: Arden

“Technically exquisite work. Transitions, precision among the best I’ve ever seen.” 9.9
“Fantastically creative choreography. Took a point off for barking.
Costuming is creative and a great match for the music.” 9.8

Judge: Wies les Beek

“WOW Such wit and humor. Absolutely fabulous. Original tricks.” 9.6
“Total control! 9.5

Judge: Linda LeHouillier

“Breathtaking. Very creative artistic routine.” 9.9

Judge: Gloria Voss

“Wow!! There are not words. You are the whole package!” 9.9
So Very Creative & Artistic. An Honor to Judge you & meet you. You present the whole package.” 10.0

CABO: Phantom of the Opera

Judge: Sandra Davis

“Wonderful choreography with some unique sequences.” 9.5
“Super costume – prop use to music” 9.5

Judge: Wies les Beek

“Dramatic pauses were very effective, you absolutely did a great job! “You are the Phantom!
Christine Daee believes you! Perfect, great spectator appeal! 9.6

Judge: Gloria Voss

“Awesome Precision. Your phrasing is incredible! Wonderful behind work.” 9.7
“Dazzling Choreography. Awesome job of staying in character. Very Innovative.” 10.0